Corporate Profile

Hume Cement Sdn Bhd Registration No. 199001017542 (209211-T) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hume Cement Industries Berhad Registration No. 198001008443 (62227-X); a member of the Hong Leong Group, started operation in 2012 with the aim of offering a complete supply chain solution that meets customers’ needs. We have an integrated cement plant located in Gopeng, Malaysia, that utilizes ground-breaking technology. Our cement manufacturing processes comply with international manufacturing and service standards such as MS ISO 9001 and MS ISO 14001. Our products “Panda Green (PCC)”, “Panda Blue (OPC)” and “Panda Red (MC)” are international standard certified MS EN 197-1:2014 and MS EN 413-1:2012 recognition.


Hume Cement is led by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that continue to propel the company forward with all the latest industry technical innovations. This strong combination of hardware (our state-of-the-art plant) and software (our skilled work force) sets Hume Cement apart from the rest.


Hume Cement also places great importance on going green and adopts various environmentally-friendly processes. It is our consistent pursuit to be an ever improving energy-saving cement plant while maintaining the highest quality standards for all our products.


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