Panda Red (MC) Masonry Cement

Panda Red (MC) Masonry Cement is a brand name for superior quality masonry cement which complies to the requirements of MS EN 413-1:2012. It is specially formulated and scientifically manufactured to achieve required properties and workability for plastering purposes.   Panda Red MC is made by grinding high quality portland cement clinker with selected plasticizing materials and air entraining agent in a controlled environment to ensure consistent quality and performance


    ITEMMS EN 413-1:2012 MC 12.5
    Fitness - 90um Residue (%)Not more than 75

    Initial Setting Time (minutes)

    Mortar Prism Compressive Strength

    7 Days (N/mm2)

    28 Days (N/mm2)

    Not less than 60

    Not less than 7

    Not less than 12.5 and not more than 32.5

    Soundness (mm)Not more than 10
    Sulfate Content SO3 (%)Not more than 3

    Chloride (%)

    Air Cintent by Volume (%)

    Water retention by Mass (%)

    Not more than 0.1

    Not less than 8 and not more than 22

    Not less than 80

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    • Ease of application

    • Improved workability

    • Improved bonding

    • Smoother surface


    Ideal for use in all internal and external plastering works.


    Panda Masonry Cement is available in 50kg bags.

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