Research & Development (R&D)

With the increasing population and economy especially in urban areas, there is a constant strive to meet the rapidly growing demands for housing and infrastructure. Aligned with our tagline “Quality you can trust”, Hume R&D Centre is set up to continuously research & develop solutions that emphasize the ever-growing demands for cement and the need to ensure that quality is one of our leading priority.



  • Our mission

    •   To achieve long term goals in innovating & developing new solutions in order to meet & exceed customer requirements.
    •   To constantly research & improve the existing products’ performance so as to meet the market requirements and constantly changing trend.
    •   To cooperate / partner with different stakeholders (academic societies, universities, government bodies, etc) to promote knowledge sharing and technology enhancement.

  • Our R&D Centre

    Our R&D laboratory is located in Gopeng where it shares its space with the central control room (CCR), concrete laboratory & quality control (QC) laboratories. Our laboratories are well equipped with analytical & laboratory instrument facilities, making it more conducive to enhance our studies. The analyses conducted using current technology equipment not only ensures the standard requirements and quality of our products is met but we also emphasize on customized tests to fit market needs and consultations with customers. A team of experienced R&D engineers are constantly engaging in discussions with QC and production teams in guaranteeing our products are maintained at high quality. We also conduct hands-on testing in open space for application testing to ensure our products are genuinely meeting market needs in real world situations.




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