Event/ Activity Summary

Little Kids Love Animals
Hume Cement fellow colleagues have decided to bring the children in PECH out for a different adventure. We went to FITC, which is a mini-petting zoo ideal for visitors who want to enjoy non-traditional zoo experience. It was a very unique experience, as both adults and children enjoyed getting up close to these animals and even get to pet them!

The children were all excited to learn and see about these different types of animals and their habitats. The children have up closed feeding session with the animals such as peacocks, geese, iguanas, marmosets, deers and even bunnies! However, they felt nervous and scared when we enter into the snake sanctuary section with slithering snakes moving around. Not to mention the same feelings felt by our team as well.

Kids being kids, they were so excited when they are allowed to go into the bunnies and guinea pigs enclosure to play with these little creatures. Our fellow colleagues joined in the fun as well.

After an interesting and tiring morning, we have organised lunch at Mc Donald's, where the children are being question of what they have learnt during the morning tour followed by animal drawing session drawn by the children to be kept as part of their memories with us.

It was definitely a very fruitful trip to FITC. We hoped that the children have had fun and enhance some general knowledge about animals and their habitats.

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